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The Benefits of Using the Womb Music Baby Heartbeat Monitor by Wusic

Posted by Jason Hall on

The Benefits of Using the Womb Music Baby Heartbeat Monitor by Wusic

Pregnancy is a very special time for a woman. Her body is going through so many changes and preparing for the life that she is creating. It makes sense to want to experience as much of it as possible.

It can, however, be an anxious time as well, particularly in the early stages of pregnancy when it is not yet possible to feel the baby’s little kicks and movements to reassure that all is well.

Wusic has developed an in-home baby heart monitor that not only allows you to listen to your baby’s precious heartbeat, kicks, and movements, but also comes with the ability to record those sounds onto your PC or laptop. Baby Heart Beat Monitor
Usually, the only time a mother gets to hear her baby’s heartbeat is during a prenatal check-up at the hospital or ultrasound. The first time she hears it, it is a magical experience.
Using the Womb Music Heartbeat baby monitor by Wusic will allow you to have this magic moment whenever you like. With two sets of earbuds and splitter included, it’s possible for your partner to listen too.

There are many benefits of using our Wusic baby monitor to listen to your baby.

As well as providing reassurance similar to the baby doppler your doctor would use, it’s also a beautiful early bonding experience and a way of connecting to your unborn child in between those doctor visits. Hearing your baby’s heartbeat is highly comforting and can greatly reduce anxiety, particularly if you’ve had a difficult pregnancy in the past or are going through one.

You’re no longer confined to waiting for a prenatal appointment in uncomfortable surroundings for the chance to hear your baby’s heartbeat by the doctor using a fetal doppler. Instead, you can relax in your own home.

The beauty of our Womb Music baby heartbeat monitor is that it fits in your hand and is battery operated. It is completely portable. You can take it with you everywhere you go and listen to your baby whenever you feel like it.

It can sometimes be hard for your partner to understand what you are going through during your pregnancy. Using the Wusic device will enable your partner to share the joy of your pregnancy and give them a chance to also start bonding with your baby.

As the device allows you to record and upload the sounds, it’s a perfect way to create a keepsake that your child can listen to when they’re older. Similarly, you can share your baby’s heartbeat and movements with other family members and friends by either allowing them to listen using the earbuds or by recording the sounds and sending them via email or posting on social media.

The Womb Music Heartbeat baby monitor is really easy to use. It’s safe and non-invasive and there are no complicated instructions.

You need a liberal amount of personal lubricant such as KY Jelly or Aloe Vera gel to get started. You can also use olive or coconut oil. Baby oil works too but avoid lotions and colored gels and oils.

Using the Wusic baby heartbeat monitor after 16 weeks gives you the best chance of hearing the heartbeat. It is possible to pick up the heartbeat between 8-16 weeks, but only if the conditions are ideal. Don’t worry if you cannot hear the heartbeat during this time. Your baby may be lying in a position where it is not possible for the to pick up the sound. Since the Womb Music isn’t as powerful as your doctor’s heartbeat doppler the baby’s heart does need to grow to a sufficient size to be able to be found.

Remember, the baby is still very small at this stage so he or she has lots of room to move around and hide. If you find you’re struggling to hear the heartbeat, take a break and try again later. The baby may move into a better position for the Wusic device to pick up the sounds. 

Personalized CD Kit for BabyYou may also find that you pick up your own heartbeat instead of your baby’s. You can tell if it’s yours because it will be beating at a much slower rate of 60-100bpm. Your baby’s heartbeat will be 120-160bpm. 

We actually recommend trying the Wusic on your own heart first to make sure it’s working correctly and so that you know what your heart sounds like. Then it will be easier to hear the difference between your heartbeat and the baby’s heartbeat. 

After 16 weeks, it will get a lot easier to find the heartbeat. With every week that passes, it will get easier still since the baby’s heart is getting larger and stronger daily.

Don’t forget that the monitor also picks up the sound of movements and kicks, so listen out for those too.

Playing music to your unborn baby is also a fantastic way to increase and strengthen the bond between you. It reduces stress for you and your baby and helps you both relax.
Playing music can stimulate the baby to listen and for their brain to grow. It’s also been shown to help improve sleeping patterns. After their birth, babies recognize the music that has been played to them in the womb. Using this music, with its special association, is a great way to calm and soothe your baby. By playing music they can recognize, you gain an extra way to pacify your baby when he or she needs some help settling.

We have made it easy for you to take advantage of the soothing power of music and pleasant associations with music. The Wusic Womb Music Heartbeat baby monitor comes with a free gift card for a My Friendly Songs personalized music download. There are seven albums to choose from, including two lullabies personalized with your baby’s name so you can start to play music to your baby right away.

Wusic has provided expectant mothers with the perfect way to start that early bonding experience. Pregnancy is a unique time and using a baby heartbeat doppler can help ensure that you enjoy every second of your pregnancy with less stress and to connect more with your growing baby.

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