Retailer Agreement | Wusic ® and Womb Music ® Consumer Electronics Products

Retailer Agreement

All retailers of Wusic products must abide by MAP and distribution policies as noted on our website. All authorized retailers of Wusic products will be trusted to promote, market and sell Wusic products with integrity, superior customer service and abide by the Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy as is noted on our website. Failure to follow this policy is grounds for removal from our retailer program.

MAP - Minimum Advertised Price must be met and maintained by sales direct to customers.

  • Womb Music (WMCompact) - $54.00 MAP
  • Wusic Speaker (Wusic-102) - $12.00 MAP
  • Friendly Songs CD Kit - $9.50 MAP

Retailers, especially our boutiques, frequently price the products well above MAP to increase their profit margins. You are permitted to price the items higher than MAP, just not below MAP pricing.

Retailers are not permitted to sell on any online store except for their own without prior written permission from Wusic. Under no circumstances are retailers permitted to sell their inventory on Sears, Amazon, Open Sky, Rakuten, Walmart because of exclusivity agreements already in place. If there is a channel that you would like to sell on that is not your own website please contact us to discuss before doing so.

Retailers who do not adhere to the policies listed in this agreement will have their selling privileges revoked and could be subject to further legal actions or penalties.


If you are a Retailer that would like to carry the Wusic Brand of products, please contact us using the contact form below: