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Wusic Retailers Agreement 

All retailers of Wusic products must abide by MSRP/MAP and distribution policies as noted on our website. All authorized retailers of Wusic products will be trusted to promote, market and sell Wusic products with integrity, superior customer service and abide by the Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy as is noted on our website. Failure to follow this policy is grounds for removal from our retailer program.

MAP - Minimum Advertised Price must be met and maintained by all sales direct to customers.

  • Womb Music Heartbeat Monitor - $75 MSRP - $49 MAP
  • Womb Music Belly Speaker - Deluxe Pack - $55 MSRP - $35 MAP
  • Womb Music Belly Speaker - Speaker Pack - $39 MSRP - $25 MAP
  • Womb Music Belly Speaker - Controller Pack - $45 MSRP - $29 MAP
  • Womb Music Belly Speaker - Replacement Pads Pack - $15 MSRP - $9 MAP

During initial product launches and special promotions Wusic can provide exceptions to the MAP Policy but retailers must have that permission in advance of doing so.

Retailers, especially our boutiques, frequently price the products well above MAP to increase their profit margins. You are permitted to price the items higher than MAP, just not below MAP pricing.

If you are a Retailer that would like to carry the Wusic Brand of products on your own websites or in your retail stores, please contact us using the contact form on this page.

Retailers are not permitted to sell on any online store except for their own websites without prior written permission from Wusic. We no longer recommend retailers selling their inventory on Sears, Amazon, Open Sky, Rakuten, Walmart, etc without prior authorization. We require that all sellers maintain MAP compliance regardless of which platforms they sell on. If your only selling channel is on Amazon then we do not recommend you becoming a retailer with Wusic. We are actively looking for additional channels, not over-saturation of one. If there is a channel that you would like to sell on that is not your own website please contact us to discuss before doing so.

We also encourage retailers to only purchase the amount of inventory they feel comfortable selling. We recommend starting with just one case of inventory to see how your store or website does with it. Wusic does not buy back inventory from retailers and we do not guarantee your ability to sell this item on your website, your store or whatever channel you decide to sell on.

Retailers who do not adhere to the policies listed in this agreement will have their selling privileges revoked and could be subject to further legal actions or penalties.

Please note that Wusic will NOT honor our end customer 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for any products sold by Retailers; that policy is for retail customers who buy directly from Wusic. All returns by retailers customers must be handled by the retailer that sold the item to the end customer.

Inventory sold to retailers via wholesale is not returnable. However, units found to be defective may be "exchanged" at no cost under our 100% satisfaction program. Retailers are responsible for getting authorization for RMA prior to shipping us defective units and prior to getting the replacement units. Contact us for further details. 

If you are a Retailer that would like to carry the Wusic Brand of products on your own websites or in your retail stores, please contact us using the contact form on this page.

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Customers Like You Love Wusic

I LOVE IT!!! We listen to our baby's heartbeat every couple of days, even recorded it for our friends and family to hear, it's the greatest purchase we've ever made.

Heather B.

What an INCREDIBLE item this is to have during pregnancy!!! Talk about putting your mind at ease, a HUGE smile on your face and bringing happy tears to your eyes!!


This was worth it, and my husband LOVED it!! He almost teared up... He LOVED that intimate little moment this morning. I highly recommend!

Julianne R.

I ordered this for peace of mind and the pure joy of hearing the most wonderful sound in the world! Very user friendly, couldn’t be simpler. I love that you can record the baby's heartbeat and send to Grandma!

Kristin M.

My cousin was thrilled with her gift, and it was the hit of the party. We actually stopped the party and she went and laid down, and we all got to listen to her soon to be baby son's heartbeat.

Kids N Kats

was a skeptic but I laid down put some oil on my belly and turned it on and WOW! With tears streaming down my face I heard the sweetest sound alive our baby's heart beat... so clear, I was absolutely in awe.