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Who wouldn't want the perfect #pregnancy? No morning sickness. Glowing skin. A baby so happy they just won't leave. Wait, what?

Wusic Products's that create a womb so comforting, your baby may not want to be born!

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 9855 Days In The Womb!

Isolation Expert Advice!

(Nervous) 25 Year Old Baby

No Reason To Ever Leave The Womb

(Peanut Butter) The Millennial Who Won't Move Out

(Olive Oil) and other Pregnancy Ponderings

About the Parody Videos

These videos were shot WITH a green screen because we couldn't really find any baby's still in the womb after 9 least none that could act.

Producer, Creative Director, Big Baby - Drake Jones

Follow Drake at
    Drake Jones YouTube Channel
    @TheRealDrakeJones Instagram Channel

The Mom - Jessica Martin

Conception and Graphics - Brian Klecker

Press Contact - Savannah -

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Episode Ideas

Submit your ideas on future parody videos. If we select your idea we will send you our #WombMusic Deluxe #BellySpeaker, a Baby #HeartbeatMonitor, and our Personalized Stuffed Animal by #Wusic as a thank you. Just fill out and submit the form below.


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