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Womb Music

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An Introduction to the Womb
Music Baby Monitor  

How to find your
Baby's Heartbeat 

How to use
with Two People

How to use with an
External Speaker

How to record your
Baby's Heartbeat

Womb Music Baby
Monitor Video Bloopers

Womb Music Review
and Reward Program

Customer Video Review
by Patience F.

Customer Video Review
by Leticia R.

Bluetooth Speakers

Volume Control Adjustment
While music is playing:
To turn the volume UP:
1. Turn the volume on your phone (or other Bluetooth device) all the way up.
2. Press and HOLD the right-track/skip button on the speaker until the volume is as loud as you want it. The volume will get VERY loud if you hold the control down long enough.

To turn the volume DOWN:
Press and HOLD the left-track/skip button on the speaker until the volume is as low as you want it.