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    My Friendly Songs Personalized CD Kit My Friendly Songs Personalized CD Kit Quick View
    My Friendly Songs Personalized CD Kit

    My Friendly Songs Personalized CD Kit

    $ 14.95 $ 19.95

    Turn Your Child Into A Music Star with a Friendly Songs Personalized CD Kit

    • Choose from ANY CHILD'S NAME
    • Choose from ANY OF 7 ALBUMS
    • Each album has all the songs Personalized for Your Child!

    You can Personalize the CD yourself with Your Child, or it is Excellent to Give As A Gift to a Friend or Family Member!

    • Create a Custom CD Full of Songs Featuring Your Child's Name Throughout the Entire CD!
    • A Friendly Songs CD Kit can be personalized for any child.
    • Over 13,000+ standard names plus Custom Names.
    • Great gift item! Can be given as a gift that the recipient can personalizes it on their own.
    • Multiple music styles to choose from in a Single Item. Choose from Everyday Fun, Birthday, Lullaby & Christian.


    Easy To Use!

    • Each Personalized CD Kit includes instructions & a pre-printed CD to make your album!
    • Any name not currently available can be received in 2-4 business days at no additional cost 
    • Over 13,000 names available for instant fulfillment
    • 7 albums to choose from - one album per kit
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    Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic Quick View
    Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic

    Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic

    $ 55.67 $ 74.95

    Listen to the sounds your baby makes with the perfect baby heartbeat monitoring system. 

    Womb Music is a Personal Sound Amplification Product that allows you to hear your baby's sounds like kicks, movement and heartbeats.

    Safe and non-invasive, Womb Music promotes bonding with your baby for both mommy and daddy with the two earbud sets provided. Includes a digital download of Personalized Lullaby Music for your baby (Included Bonus).

    You can even record the sounds to your computer to listen to later when the baby is older - a timeless keepsake.

    Includes the Womb Music monitor, two sets of earbuds, splitter, computer recording cable. Volume is adjustable. Uses 9 volt alkaline battery (included). Compact, Easy to Use and Lightweight. Uses standard 3.5mm audio jacks so you can use with your own devices.

    Best when used after the 16th week of pregnancy. A baby's heartbeat is detectable between 8 and 16 weeks only under ideal conditions. Each week, as the baby grows stronger, it will be easier to hear the heartbeat.

    We recommend liberal use of Aloe Vera or Personal Lubricant (KY) gel to reduce the static caused by moving the monitor around on the belly. The gel is not included.  Baby Oil, Coconut Oil or Virgin Olive Oil which most folks have handy as well. Really anything that lubricates the movement will work.

    Your experience will be best if you use a liberal amount of gel. We do however suggest that you don't use colored gels or lotions.

    Please Note: The Womb Music device is a listening system to hear the sounds your baby makes and is NOT a medical device and can not be used for diagnostic or medical purposes and is not to be used as a substitute for regular prenatal care by a licensed doctor. Please follow the user guide directions regarding it's use.

    After recording your baby's heartbeat with the Womb Music, wouldn't it be wonderful to send an incredible gift that plays the heartbeat for them?

    Get a Personalized Stuffed Animal where Friendly Songs will put your baby's recorded heartbeat into the stuffed animal of your choice.

    Click HERE to get your stuffed animal now!


    Product Support:   FAQs   |   Videos   |   User Guide 

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    Wusic Waterproof Shower Speaker Blue Wusic Waterproof Shower Speaker Blue Quick View
    Wusic Waterproof Shower Speaker Blue

    Wusic Waterproof Shower Speaker Blue

    $ 19.95 $ 39.95

    A Bluetooth Speaker that goes wherever you go - including the shower!

    From your shower, to your car, to your office, to the beach, and or any other place you want your music to go, this little speaker delivers.

    If you like to start your day, rocking out in the shower, no problem. Wusic Waterproof Wireless Speaker gives you big sound without the worry of damaging your devices. So rock those tiles loud and proud.

    • Delivers great sound in a compact package 
    • The large suction cup adheres to almost any surface - including shower tiles 
    • Easy to use and pairs with your Smartphone or other Bluetooth devices with the push of a button 
    • After charging it takes just minutes to set up and start using 
    • Easy to change between songs and to take calls 
    • On-board volume control enables you to play your music as loud or soft as you like 
    • Goes for 10 hours without recharging 
    • Its lightweight (3.9 oz.), compact size enables you to take it anywhere you go 
    • You can use it up to 30 feet from your device 
    • It's a speaker and a speaker phone with hands-free control

    The Wusic Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker pairs with your iPhone, iPad or any other mobile device and provides high-quality sound. Its durable silicone and ABS plastic construction means it can stand up to constant use, survive falls and other mishaps without missing a beat.

    Whether you want to put more life into your morning routine by rocking out in the shower or celebrate the end of another workday, Wusic Waterproof Wireless Speaker enables you to blast your beat for hours.

    If you want a fun little waterproof speaker that delivers big sound wherever you go grab one today!

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