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How to Protect Your Kids from Bullying

Posted by Valerie Sterling on

How to Protect Your Kids from Bullying

Bullying is everywhere. It can come from any direction: a teacher, a classmate, or even someone on the internet. Bullying can happen at an age where your child has little responsibility yet. There are many ways to stop bullying, but the main thing is to protect your child. Here are a few things you can do to help keep your child out of harm's way.

Listen to your child

Listen calmly and offer support. Some kids feel embarrassed and ashamed that they are being bullied. They worry that things may get worse if the bully learns they told or are concerned that their parents will respond negatively or pressure them to defend themselves when they are afraid to. This is why kids frequently hesitate to report bullying to adults.

Talk to your kids calmly. Let them know that they are not alone and it happens to a lot of individuals. Explain that it's not their fault that they got bullied. Reassure your child that you will figure out what to do about it together

Avoid taking revenge on the bully or his family

Hearing that your child is being bullied is really distressing but you should resist the urge to take matters into your own hands and plot revenge on the bully or his family. You must now provide your child with some real-world examples of how to solve problems.

Naturally, you want to take the pain away, but keep in mind that your kids won't be able to solve the issue or feel better about themselves by taking revenge. Instead, take a moment to relax and consider how you can best support your child as he faces his challenges.

Report the bullying at school

Don't ignore it, report the bullying at school. Bullying is more common than you think, which is why it's important to stop bullying in schools. School officials can take action to stop bullying and it is a good idea for parents to be involved with these issues.

Look into support groups

Support groups are a great way to provide comfort and information to parents as well as children who have experienced bullying. You can find them through your local school district, a local mental health facility, websites, or even social media have many support groups for parents and children who have experienced bullying.

Teach your kids to defend themselves

The first step to protecting your children from bullying is to teach them how to defend themselves. Teach your kids that they are bigger and stronger than their peers, even if they may not seem it at the moment. Teach them that they have a right to be heard and protected in the presence of an adult. Provide them with positive role models who tell them "no" when they are asked to join in on bullying activities

The best way to stop bullying is 100% communication. It is important that parents communicate with their children about what bullying is; when it's happening; how bad it is and what can they do to get help if they are being bullied. It is a tough world out there for kids these days;  By providing them with the tools and knowledge to deal with bullying appropriately, you can help ensure they will not fall into the wrong crowd, but instead, grow up to be kind adults.

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