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5 Things You Can Do to Build your Child's Confidence

Posted by Valerie Sterling on

5 Things You Can Do to Build your Child's Confidence

As a parent, you are one of your child's greatest cheerleaders. You often encourage him on a daily basis to try different activities, do better in school or tell you how he feels about something. You are constantly putting his needs above your own. But, there are times when it's important for our children to know that we're there for them, even when they don't feel like confiding in us. The key is doing things that build their confidence so that they feel capable and don't get too discouraged by what others might say. Here are some things you can do as a parent to build your child's confidence!

Let your kids try it themselves.

Kids are naturally curious and want to learn new things. If you introduce them to a new skill, they'll want to practice it over and over again. This is where confidence comes from! Confidence is one of the things that makes us want to do things for ourselves! Let them practice in front of you, and be ready to give positive feedback when they get it right.

 Create a Vision Board

If you want to help your kids build their confidence and encourage them to try new things, create a vision board for them.

A vision board is a collage of images that you use to inspire yourself and others. It's a way to capture your dreams and goals, as well as your values and beliefs.

Vision boards are a great way for kids to see themselves as brave and capable - and not just because they'll be able to look at it in the future when they're trying new things on their own. They can also see how far they've come, which helps them realize how much they've already accomplished.

A vision board can also help children understand how far they've come—and how far they still have left to go! It's a powerful tool that encourages kids to continue striving toward their goals and doesn't let them give up easily on their dreams—which is exactly what we want from our children!

 Don't compare your child to others.

When you're a parent, it's easy to compare your child to other children and get upset when they don't seem as confident or successful as you'd like them to be. The truth is that every child is different, and what's best for one child might not be best for another.

Don't compare your child to others. Instead, focus on the things she can do well and build on those strengths whenever possible. It's also important to make sure that you're encouraging your child in those areas where he needs encouragement most—don't just focus on things he does well but don't ever praise him for doing. 

Allow your child to fall and make mistakes.

 You don't have to protect your child from the world—you just need to be there for them when they fall. When your kids fall down and get hurt, instead of feeling sorry for them, make sure that they know that it's okay. Let them see that you love them even when they're not perfect. Then show them how to get back up and dust themselves off again.

If you do this right, your children will learn that they can overcome any obstacle in their path. They'll feel confident enough in themselves to try things without being afraid of failure or embarrassment. They'll become more independent and less dependent on others—and they'll be more likely to succeed at anything they set their minds to!

Praise effort over achievement.

One of the best ways to build a child's confidence is to praise his or her effort over achievement. If a child does something well, rather than just saying "good job," tell him or her what you noticed and how they did it. This will help them feel good about themselves, which will help them believe in their own abilities and make them more confident. 

Confidence is a huge thing. It's not just about being self-assured and strong, but it's also about believing in yourself, having beliefs and goals, and the ability to follow through when things don't go the way you wanted them to. And it's all learned at home, which means if you have a child or children then they can begin building their confidence bank early in life.

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