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New-Age Parenting without Overparenting

Posted by Valerie Sterling on

New-Age Parenting without Overparenting

In this modern age, parenting becomes a big debate and for some, a competition. Every parent's interest is to provide the care their kids need and to mold them to become a better individual. Others, without realizing it, tend to "overparent". Keep in mind that no child is perfect. Let your kids make mistake. Same goes with the parent, you don't have to be perfect to be a good parent. Cherish every moment with your child and ENJOY!


E - Earn your kids’ respect and Educate.

Respect is vital in every relationship including family. Earn your children's respect by respecting them first and being a good role model. This is something that we can teach by doing. Walk the talk!

Educating children should begin at home. An article excerpt from British Council says "Early-years lessons should include sharing, helping friends, team work." which is indeed true because it sets their principles in life.


N - Notice. Negotiate.

Notice your child's behavior, praise if it's a positive behavior and discipline if it's inappropriate. Praising could boost your child's self-esteem but it needs to be specific. Tell your child what it is that you're happy about. Discipline by guiding them and helping them understand how to properly behave and how not to behave either.

Negotiate? Parents have different and strong opinions about negotiating with their kids. Others believe that they must be firm with their decisions not to confuse their kids and so they know what their boundaries are but others also believe that negotiating with kids empower them as they feel their voice is heard and make them feel more important. An example would be a few minutes of extension during playtime. Should you just say NO or could you at least just permit a few more minutes? Whether we like it or not, there are occasions that we would have to give in and negotiate.  That could even be their preparation for adulthood. The key is knowing the situations that can or cannot be negotiated.


J – Join

Join your kids in the activities that they love doing. Play games together. It'll be a fun family time together.  A soothing bedtime routine of listening to songs and lulling them to sleep can ensure a more restful night for both you and your kids.

New-Age Parenting Without Overparenting 

O – Offer

Offer reassurance to your kids that you love them unconditionally and that when things fall apart, they have you to back them up. It’s not teaching them to be dependent, rather an emotional pillar to make them face their fears. Listen to their needs, guide and support them as they go along with life. 


Y – Young

Be Young at heart. Live for the moment and enjoy your children while you can because they grow up so fast. Later on, you’ll miss the little child sitting on your lap, bedtime stories and sweet cuddles. That time, it will never come back so make the most out of it.


Every parent has a unique style, no matter how different it could be, whether you agree or not, the purpose remains the same—it is to ensure the well-being of their children.


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