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Bringing Pets to Work

Posted by Valerie Sterling on

Bringing Pets to Work


Bringing Pets to Work
Here's why it's the next best thing!


woman and pet dog at work

1. Pets make the office a better place

Pets make the world a better place to live in. Research shows that pets are good for the mind, body, and soul. Then, why not pass on the health benefits that you can get to your colleagues as well? Share the love, everyone. Every time someone brings their pet to work, everyone is overjoyed and some even mark the calendar waiting for the pet’s arrival. It surely is a fun moment for all people inside the office. It enhances the mood, lowers stress levels, eases tensions and helps with team bonding!

pet cat on lap

2. Pets at Work Are Convenient 

Pets are like children, they need attention and shouldn’t feel neglected. At times when an employee can’t come home on time to feed their pets, having the privilege of bringing them in the office or at work is very convenient and helpful to pet owners. For busy companies that allow a pets, employees are able to focus on meeting deadlines and can work longer hours if needed because they don’t need to rush home to take care of their pets.

man with pet dog

3. Pets at Work Bring Team Members Together

Pets might be small, but they are very influential. They can bring people together through laughter or tears.

One scenario is when one pet dies, everyone from the team mourns with the pet owner. By then, they create a special bond and allow them to grow closer together. One can openly listen and open up conversations about what they feel and share each other’s happy memories with that pet. It’s somehow comforting to the grieving pet owner as she has team members that she can share memories of her pet with. It is truly a bonding experience for everyone.

If you want to increase the happiness level at work, it’s something you might want to consider, however, there are also limits and restrictions to consider when having a pet-friendly workplace.

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