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Tips for Guilt-Free Getaway Without The Kids

Posted by Valerie Sterling on

Tips for Guilt-Free Getaway Without The Kids

Have a Guilt-free Getaway
Without the Kids

Gone are the days when you can just pack your things and leave. Your getaways need a little more thought nowadays. Yes, life has indeed changed when you had your baby but that doesn’t mean you can’t leave the baby behind without feeling guilty.

Whether you're leaving your baby for quick shopping, an office party or even a weekend escape, here are major points to consider.

1.) Seek help from someone you trust

Leaving baby behind will cause you some anxiety no matter what, but when you know you can count on your sitter, you can breathe much easier. 

Check with your relatives or friends first to see if they’d be willing to watch over the baby. This will make you feel relaxed during your absence. 

2.) Give clear instructions

Provide everything the sitter needs to know. Who needs to be contacted in case something unexpected comes up? Any emergency instructions? Does the baby have allergies? What is the best way to pacify the baby?  Providing these instructions would benefit both you and the sitter. 

3.) Acknowledge that how you feel is normal

Some moms especially new moms get a bit paranoid when leaving their babies behind. Feelings of guilt and anxiety are normal but being stuck in that emotion reduces the quality of your life as you might end up self-limiting your activities, career growth, social life, and well-being. 

4.) Shift your guilt into positive thoughts. 

You are not alone. All parents especially new moms go through this feeling. Think that your child is safe and loved. And also, you have to remember that taking care of yourself will allow you to take care of others including your child. 

5.) Leave something that acts as their “Source of comfort”

Does the baby have a cuddly toy that acts as their source of comfort?

Stuffed animals can be a lovable companion during your absence. Those cute and cuddly studded toys, aside from being a source of stress-release, can also provide security and help control emotion. Wusic has adorable stuffed animals that sing and allow voice/audio recording of your choice to be inside it. Just imagine their delight when they hear their favorite song or even your voice playing in their favorite cuddly toy! You can also pair it with a Bedtime Playlist to help your child wind down and the sitter could easily lull them to sleep.

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