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Caring For Your New Baby During A Pandemic

Posted by Valerie Sterling on

Caring For Your New Baby During A Pandemic



Have you wondered what life will be like once you bring baby home? Gone are the days where you would receive visitors at the hospital and you may be wondering how to introduce your new baby to family and friends while keeping your family safe.

mom holding newborn baby


Wait a Few Weeks

Babies are susceptible to illness especially in their first few weeks of life. It is recommended that you wait until after 6 weeks to introduce your baby to loved ones. You'll want to avoid having to make a trip to the ER.

Who Should Visit

When choosing who should visit, evaluate the lifestyles of those you are considering. Are they working and around other people frequently? Have they been following the recommended safety measures including mask wearing and social distancing? In any case, keep visiting to the bare minimum.


When you decide who will visit your newborn, make sure you are strict with hygiene procedures. Visitors should wear a mask, social distancing should be practiced, and they should wash their hands thoroughly upon arrival. 


For parents that just aren't comfortable with having visitors until their baby is a bit older there are alternatives. Having loved ones visit by looking at your baby through a window is one option. Another option is to host a Zoom meeting and show off your little one virtually.

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