Returns or Problems - What to do?

If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us via the Contact Us page so that we can assist you.

We will do anything we can to help and resolve an issue you might have. Your satisfaction is our main goal. Please accept our apologies if something isn't quite right and let us help get this resolved for you. We, as a company, do strive to achieve 100% satisfaction rating with our customers.

First thing to check is have you tried to find your own heartbeat? If you have and can't hear yours then the unit may be defective. Sometimes electronics have bugs that are nearly impossible to catch but the key thing is to buy from a seller that will stand behind their products and I hope that we can do that for you. If you can hear your own heartbeat clearly then the monitor is working correctly and you may not have yet located the baby which does take time and patience.

If you are earlier in your pregnancy than we recommend it can be very difficult to find your babies heartbeat. Even a professional sometimes has to listen carefully and take time to accurately find the baby's heartbeat. If you have any concerns in finding your baby's heartbeat it might be best to have your healthcare provider coach you in finding the baby's heartbeat the first time. But if you are before 16 weeks it can be difficult to find the heartbeat consistently on every try.

We also encourage you to read through the Frequently Asked Questions page and watch some of our Help Videos. There is a wealth of information available that can really help. But if you don't find the answers you are looking for please use the contact us link above and let us know.