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Keeping the Romance Alive during Pregnancy

Posted by Valerie Sterling on

Keeping the Romance Alive during Pregnancy

As you know, pregnancy changes your life. It can be exciting and stressful, but it's also a time to bond with your partner in a new way. As a couple, you'll have to deal with some big changes—ones that often require juggling time and energy between yourselves and the baby. But there are ways you can keep romance alive during pregnancy:

Talk about your feelings

Talking about your feelings is important, especially if you're expecting a baby. Be honest, open and vulnerable with them. Letting him or her know how much you love them and how excited you are for the baby you are having is a great way to strengthen the relationship between the two of you.
Don't be afraid to talk about anything or everything that comes up in the conversation, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel at first! If they tell you something makes them feel uncomfortable, don't take it as an attack on their feelings; instead, see if there's a way for both of you to work through whatever is making either person uncomfortable so that everyone can move forward together in a healthy way.

Remember to Have Fun Together

Go out to see a movie together, enjoy a live concert, and have picnics at the park or beach. You can even try new things together or plan an adventure where you can be active together as a couple, just make sure that it doesn’t require vigorous physical activity that might put the baby in danger.

Go on a Date Night

You don’t have to go out of your way to do something special though if the schedule or budget doesn’t permit – a simple dinner at home or an evening spent in front of the TV while holding hands is just as romantic. 

Date nights can be relaxing and fun. If you’re feeling worn down by your pregnancy, date night might help you relax before bedtime. You could also choose a night when both you and your partner would want to veer away from baby-related topics for a while. 

Make time for intimacy

Pregnancy may change the way you feel about sex, so don't expect things to be exactly like they were before pregnancy—but remember that there are many reasons why having sex is healthy for both partners! Try some new things together, like massages or cuddling on the couch (or even just talking). Have fun! Remember that this isn't just about making babies today; it's also about making memories every day for years into the future!
Make time for intimacy —even if it's just holding hands while watching TV at home. If you find yourself feeling down about the changes in your body or moods, talk about them together so they don't get bottled up inside (and lead nowhere good).

We hope that this article has helped you realize that you can still be romantic while pregnant. Just remember that there are many things to consider when trying to make your relationship work, such as going out together or even staying home. The goal is to make sure that both you and your partner would be able to make this an enjoyable and memorable season of your life before the baby arrives.

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