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"We feel that Wusic is anything we love to hear. It could be a child's laugh, a beautiful song, or your unborn baby's heartbeat. We want to be part of your families' joyful and special musical moments, whatever those maybe." - - and with that in mind, WusicTech was born.

Back in 2013, we've spent our days developing our first product, launching it, promoting it and little by little, Wusic started making its mark as a supplier of family-friendly products.

When Wusic developed the Womb Music Baby Heartbeat Monitor, we knew there was a market for expectant moms who'd love to hear their baby's heartbeat. They wanted to listen, not just during their visit to their doctor, but anytime they wanted to. Thanks to our customers sharing their experiences the Womb Music Baby Heartbeat Monitor has become a must-have of every pregnant woman. The Baby Monitor is a huge HIT with more than a thousand reviews. We are both thrilled and humbled by our customer's love for this product.

  Let’s fast forward seven years to 2020. 

We felt the need to create an innovative product that would complement our Baby Heartbeat Monitor and become something that will surely be loved by mommies just as much. If you love hearing your Baby's Heartbeat, well, your baby would love to hear your voice and your music as well!

So it is our pleasure to introduce our new Womb Music Pregnancy Belly Speaker which is now available on our Website!

Womb Music Belly Speaker System for Pregnant Mothers by Wusic

The WombMusic® Belly Speaker System by Wusic is effective at stimulating brain activity so you can build a bond with your child before they’re even born. Safely play soothing sounds, music, or even your voice that your precious newborn will recognize.

To cater to your different needs, we offer the WombMusic® Belly Womb Speaker System in different packages.

Please see the complete list below:

Premium New Baby Pack
A Womb Music Baby Heartbeat Monitor and a Deluxe Belly Speaker System

The Premium New Baby Pack is a great way to get everything you need to interact with your baby and save a bundle at the same time.

Available exclusively on our website at a discount!

Get yours now, it's such a great deal!

 First, you get our award-winning Womb Music® Heartbeat Monitor that allows you to hear your baby's sounds like the heartbeat, kicks, and movement. 

You also get our new Deluxe Pack Belly Speaker system that allows you to play music, your voices, recorded audio from relatives, audiobooks or any other kind of audio to your baby.   Womb Music Deluxe Pregnancy Belly Speaker Pack

The Deluxe Pack

The Deluxe Pack includes both the Belly Speaker and the Bluetooth Controller.
The WombMusic Deluxe Pregnancy Headphones Set allows you to play music directly to the womb in 3 different ways; 1 GB Micro SD Memory Card (Included), stream from your device using Bluetooth, or the 3.5 mm Input Auxillary Jack.

Available here.

The Speaker Pack

The Womb Music Speaker System includes The Belly Speaker with Independent Volume Control, Premium Nylon Speaker Cords and Reusable Silicone Gel Pads. Also included is a Gift Storage Bag and a Bonus Gift of Personalized Music for your Baby.
While most other prenatal belly speaker systems only have a generic high/low volume setting which is influenced by your device. With the WombMusic belly speaker, you have full volume control regardless of your device's volume setting.

Available here.

The Controller Pack

The Controller Pack will allow you to add Bluetooth to wirelessly play music for your unborn baby using whatever speaker you already have, whether it be the Wusic brand belly speaker, the BellyBuds brand (a product of Wavhello) or any other brand of Belly Speaker System using the 3.5 mm audio jack.

It includes Bluetooth, 3.5 mm Audio Input, 1 Gb Micro SD Memory Card, Built-in Headphone Splitter, Belt Clip, and Premium Nylon USB Charging Cord. Also included is a Gift Storage Bag and a Bonus Gift of Personalized Music for your Baby.

Available here.

We are committed to your satisfaction and welcome your feedback. We hope you'll love the new Womb Music Baby Belly Speaker System as much as you loved the Womb Music Baby Heartbeat Monitor!