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Fun, inexpensive Birthday Party ideas for kids?

Posted by Valerie Sterling on

Fun, inexpensive Birthday Party ideas for kids?

If you're planning a birthday party, finding budget-friendly kids' birthday party ideas can be tricky. Of course, you want it to be an event worthy of celebration, but also one that doesn't add too much extra financial weight onto your already-stretched budget. Thankfully, there are many different ways you can have a budget-friendly kid's birthday party idea that is unforgettable for your child.

Here are some ideas that you can easily pull off with a limited budget.


Musical Party

You may want to play some classic nursery rhymes or songs and have the kids dance or sing along to them. Personalized Friendly Songs offers a Personalized Children's Birthday Music CD that sings your child's name in a variety of birthday party songs. It's a perfect gift to make your child feel like a star. This special treat, at less than $20, is something unique they can cherish every year on their birthday.

Kids Singing and Dancing


Puppet or Magic Show

You can consider hiring a clown or a local magician to organize a show for the kids. A puppet show may also prove to be very entertaining for the kids. 

Puppet Show


Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts are always a winner with kids. Bear in mind to keep age-appropriate clues and the trail not too difficult to solve.

Treasure Hunting Kids


Movie Themed Party

Organize a screening of their favorite film to give the kids a taste of the movie theater. You may give each child some snacks like pizza, popcorn, and cookies to keep them occupied while they watch the film.


Stuffed Animal Birthday Party

Ask all of the children attending the birthday party to bring their favorite stuffed animal or teddy bear. As a thank you, each child receives a new stuffed animal friend for their toy. Activities like "pin the tail on the donkey," coloring animal drawings, or simply playing with their plush animal can be included in the celebration. Or treat the guests with a Personalized Singing Stuffed Animal with their own names in them as a souvenir gift? 

Singing Stuffed Animals
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