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pregnant mom using the wusic belly speaker

The next generation of pregnancy products has arrived. Take bonding with your baby to the next level with the Wusic Belly Speaker. Play sounds, music, and recordings to your little one to stimulate early brain activity and create familiar sounds to soothe your baby once born!

pregnant mom using the womb music wusic deluxe belly speaker systemmom showing off the wusic belly speaker controller

Our state-of-the-art Womb Music Specialized Speaker System gently sticks to your baby bump to allow you to connect to your baby inside the womb with brain-shaping music and sounds! Our Deluxe set includes a premium Bluetooth controller that allows you to sync with your phone to play music, 1 premium large speaker with adjustable volume control, and reusable silicone gel pads to securely keep belly speaker in place.

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  • 3 WAYS TO PLAY MUSIC – The WombMusic® Deluxe Pregnancy Headphones Set allows you to play music directly to the womb in 3 different ways; 1 GB Micro SD Memory Card (Included), stream from your device using Bluetooth®, or the 3.5 mm Input Auxillary Jack.
  • 1 LARGER COMFORTABLE BELLY SPEAKER – While our competitors use a complex 2-speaker baby headphone system, WombMusic® uses 1 larger belly speaker which provides higher quality audio to the baby. Since Mom’s belly is a fluid environment where sound carries well, 2 speakers are unnecessary, more complicated, less comfortable and less convenient to use.
  • REUSABLE SPEAKER PADS – Our Silicone Gel Pad ensures that the prenatal belly speaker gently and securely stays in place on mom's belly. Made from a premium silicone material that can be washed and reused to last the pregnancy. Our competitors only offer disposable use adhesive pads with additional replacement sets needed throughout the pregnancy.
Wusic Womb Music Deluxe Belly Speaker Set
pregnant mom using the womb music belly speaker and controller while looking at ultrasound images


  • SAVINGS - 50% off the Deluxe Belly Speaker System - $89 Regular Price, Now only $44.67
  • INNOVATIVE SPEAKER - Our one speaker design is less complicated, more comfortable and more convenient to use. Full volume control attached to the wire. With WombMusic® you have full volume control regardless of your device's volume setting.
  • BLUETOOTH CONTROLLER - Stream music directly to the speaker even if your phone or device doesn’t have a headphone jack. You can also store your music on the Memory Card or connect it with an Aux In from your device.
  • SPECIAL BONUS - Includes a digital download of Personalized Lullaby Music from Friendly Songs® (a $20 value) that sings your child's name to your baby. Download card and instructions are included in the package.


"Wusic's Belly Speaker has brought us so much fun, especially for our baby boy who starts to move and dance immediately after the music comes on. You know who else enjoys it maybe as much as he does? His sister Adaline who lays by my side and puts her hand on my belly to feel her baby brother's movements. Her face expressions every time she feels him move are priceless. Wusic your product has brought us so much happiness☀️" - Cristina Ortiz

sister bonding with sibling using the belly speaker system


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