Womb Music Belly Speaker System (DELUXE PACK - Speaker & Bluetooth Controller)

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Womb Music Belly Speaker System (DELUXE PACK - Speaker & Bluetooth Controller)

$ 34.95
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This item has been replaced with our new and improved Womb Music Bluetooth Belly Speaker which can be found HERE. The new version combines the speaker and the controller into ONE easy-to-use unit and eliminates the wires.

Play Music to your Baby with our Womb Music Belly Speaker & Bluetooth Controller

BUILD A BOND WITH YOUR BABY – The WombMusic® Belly Womb Speaker System is effective at stimulating brain activity so you can build a bond with your child before they’re even born. Safely play soothing sounds, music, or even your voice that your precious newborn will recognize.

Also Available is the Premium New Baby Pack
(includes this item and the Baby Heartbeat Monitor)

The Deluxe Pack includes both the Belly Speaker and the Bluetooth® Controller.

  • 3 WAYS TO PLAY MUSIC – The WombMusic® Deluxe Pregnancy Headphones Set allows you to play music directly to the womb in 3 different ways; 1 GB Micro SD Memory Card (Included), stream from your device using Bluetooth®, or the 3.5 mm Input Auxillary Jack.
  • 1 LARGER COMFORTABLE BELLY SPEAKER – While our competitors use a complex 2-speaker baby headphone system, WombMusic® uses 1 larger belly speaker which provides higher quality audio to the baby. Since Mom’s belly is a fluid environment where sound carries well, 2 speakers are unnecessary, more complicated, less comfortable and less convenient to use.
  • REUSABLE SPEAKER PADS – Our Silicone Gel Pad ensures that the prenatal belly speaker gently and securely stays in place on mom's belly. Made from a premium silicone material that can be washed and reused to last the pregnancy. Our competitors only offer disposable use adhesive pads with additional replacement sets needed throughout the pregnancy.
  • DELUXE SET INCLUDES – The Womb Music® Deluxe System includes: The Belly Speaker with Independent Volume Control, Premium Nylon Speaker Cords and Reusable Silicone Gel Pads. The Controller includes Bluetooth®, 3.5 mm Audio Input, 1 Gb Micro SD Memory Card, Built-in Headphone Splitter, Belt Clip, and Premium Nylon USB Charging Cord. Also included is a Gift Storage Bag and a Bonus Gift of Personalized Music for your Baby

WombMusic® Deluxe Pregnancy Prenatal Belly Speaker System

Our premium prenatal womb music speaker system allows you to start building a loving and memorable bond with your baby before they’re even born. Made with premium quality materials to ensure your safety, reliability, and crystal clear audio.

WombMusic®, well known for innovation in the baby market, has done extensive testing to ensure we bring you the absolute best pregnancy belly speaker for your baby available.

Why Choose WombMusic® Over the Others?

Super discreet and easy to use. Play your own recorded voice, Bluetooth® streams your favorite music, or engage with other stimulating sounds that your newborn will respond to after they’re born! Get your little one familiar with your voice and your favorite music so your baby knows you truly love and care for them.

One Belly Speaker:

Now some may think that only 1 speaker, compared to 2, is a bad thing but the reality of how sound works in the fluid environment of mom’s belly, two speakers are not better than one. Also, our one speaker design is less complicated, more comfortable and more convenient to use.

Full volume control attached to the wire - Most other prenatal belly speaker systems only have a generic high/low volume setting which is influenced by your device. With WombMusic® you have full volume control regardless of your device's volume setting.

Belly Speaker Bluetooth® Controller

The WombMusic® Bluetooth® Controller allows you to stream music directly to the speaker even if your phone or device doesn’t have a headphone jack (most current cell phones don’t have a 3.5 mm audio jack). You can also store your music on the Memory Card or connect it with an Aux In from your device. Play all of your favorite songs for the little one inside your belly!

Included Bonus: Includes a digital download of Personalized Lullaby Music from Friendly Songs® (a $20 value) that sings your child's name to your baby. Download card and instructions are included in the package.

Please Note: This Womb Music® device is a baby speaker system that allows you to play sounds to your baby. It is NOT a professional medical device and can not be used for diagnostic or medical purposes and is not to be used as a substitute for regular prenatal care by a licensed doctor. Please follow the user guide directions regarding its use.


The WombMusic® Bluetooth® Controller is Certified by Bluetooth® SIG

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Great Buy!

Bought for my daugther-in-law who is having my first grandchild. She loves it and is always using it to play music and play our voices to the little guy. It's easy to use, has great sound quality and you can listen along with the baby! Great buy!

Susan C.
Philippines Philippines

Great but

It’s works perfectly, great sound quiality … until you pull the cord a little extra hard and it starts giving some problems. In another works it’s a bit delicate. Just for that reason I give it 4 stars

Philippines Philippines

Good product

Very practical and easy to use, the sound is too sharp but for everything else it is very good.

Philippines Philippines
Philippines Philippines

Put this on your baby shower list!

This was a present for my granddaughter. She uses it everyday since she got it. The baby hears the music and reacts positively. It’s easy to use and the sound quality is great.

Philippines Philippines
Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China

It is an excellent investment!

We bought these bellyphones for a gift to a cousin. It's worth it! He started playing music through the Belly Buds and in a matter of minutes, the baby began to move (now 25 weeks). she loves it because she can present the baby with favorite songs while she is in the womb and they also record her voices from her grandparents who at the moment due to the Pandemic cannot see each other very often The sound quality is excellent and these are worth every penny. It is an excellent investment!

Stanislaw K.
Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China
Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China

Didn't come with a memory card

Neat baby thing. But mine didn't come with a memory card,so thats disappointing.

Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China

WombMusic by Wusic®

We're so sorry that the memory card was missing from your package. Please check to make sure it wasn't loose in the box or maybe fell out when you opened your package. But if it's truly missing, please reach out to us at customer service so we can arrange for one to be sent to you.


Recommended item

This one is just wonderful. It's something I would have loved to have had when I was pregnant 20+ years ago. We tried it out on my step-niece and she loved using it. I put it up for my daughter when she finally conceives some day it will be waiting on her. Wonderful item. This item is good quality and it is very much worth the purchase. It arrived in good condition and I have found no flaws with the product and I fully recommend it. Great purchase! 4 stars. *Thank you for taking the time to read my review and if it helped you make an informed decision either way about this product please let me know by taking a quick moment of your time to vote it Helpful so I can keep track of my most helpful reviews. I hope you have a wonderful shopping experience!*

Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China

Pairs in three different way

The product came packed nicely with easy to follow instructions for setup. I was worried because it does have a very cheap feel to it, but I haven't had a single issue. In shopping for this I read a lot of reviews of other products that reviewers stated they ran into issues with Iphone compatibility. The WUSIC player pairs to my iphone using bluetooth. I haven't experienced a problem with pairing, and I use an old pair of headphones. I have created a playlist from the music app I typically use for my own music. Lastly, a lot of reviewers of other products state that the sticky pads for the speaker are one time use, and I assure you these are not one time use. Per the instructions you can also rinse them with lukewarm water to regain the sticky, if you will. I haven't had to do this, and I've used one three times now. I definitely think I will have to buy more because I'm only 6 months along, but I will do so happily! The product works and serves its purpose. I'm really happy with my purchase and glad my unborn baby has already responded to the sounds. He's calm when playing soothing sounds, and active when playing uptempo sounds. Oh and also I saw other products reviewers experienced being unable to move about, but I went for a walk with mine. It skipped a little, but once I secured the WUSIC box using the clothing fastener, it was totally fine. This one is worth the money spent.

Philippines Philippines

A great value - and fun to use

My niece is pregnant with a little baby girl and I got this for her to use. She loves it. There have been studies that reveal that certain types of music (especially classical) can help with brain development. The WombMusic Belly Womb Speaker is effective at stimulating brain activity so you can build a bond with your child before they’re even born. With this, you can safely play soothing sounds, music, or even your voice that your precious newborn will recognize when he/she is born! This "Deluxe" set includes a "Belly Speaker" with independent volume control, premium nylon speaker cords and reusable silicone gel pads. There's a built-in headphone splitter, belt clip and a premium nylon USB charging cord. There's also a storage bag which makes it convenient to store in-between uses. The are three ways to play music with this: 1) 1 GB Micro SD Memory Card (included), 2) Stream from your phone using Bluetooth, or 3) Use the 3.5 mm input auxiliary jack. One of the things she likes best about this is the large belly speaker. Some other "similar" products use a complicated 2-speaker headphone system, which makes it harder than it needs to be. This one uses one larger belly speaker. When using this, we found the quality of sound to be very good. Since a mom's belly is a fluid environment where sound carries well, it's not necessary to have two speakers. It's more complicated, and less comfortable that way. She loves how simple and easy this is to use. There are reuseable speaker pads made from silicone that are gently applied but stay in place well. They're easy to wash to keep clean. The silicone pad seems to be better quality for sound compared to the disposable use pads - and with those, you have to keep buying more. We found this easy to figure out, set up, and use. She's been using it daily because not only is she excited about the benefits to her baby girl, but it's also a designated relaxation time for her. For the price you can't beat this. She highly recommends it. Enjoy yours!

NJD &.
Philippines Philippines

Recommended item

This one is just wonderful. It's something I would have loved to have had when I was pregnant 20+ years ago. We tried it out on my step-niece and she loved using it. I put it up for my daughter when she finally conceives some day it will be waiting on her. Wonderful item. This item is good quality and it is very much worth the purchase. It arrived in good condition and I have found no flaws with the product and I fully recommend it. Great purchase! 4 stars

Philippines Philippines

Easy to use, clear sound, adheres well!

I was sceptical about this unit as I thought: why not just use a pair of headphones and put them on my DIL's belly? This headphone unit has a reusable/washable silicone sticky pads that make it very easy to position on the tummy and it won't fall off. My DIL was able to get up and move around, go to the bathroom and do her regular activities around the house. We put in a 32gB micro SD card loaded with our family's favorite music from Queen to The Commitments and the sound was nice and clear. You can skip tracks from the handheld unit. There is a clip to stick it on your belt but trust me: she's not wearing belts any time soon! She just put it in her sweatpant's pocket and off she went! The unit is very lightweight, easily charged, neutral in color and, if you choose, it can be completely covered by your clothes, including the headphone cord. If you don't want to look like you're wearing a 80's style walkman, you can just tuck everything into your pocket. I think she looped the excess wire into her waistband. Easy to use, great sound, re-adjustable, re-usable super sticky pads and a great price.

Just M.
Philippines Philippines
Philippines Philippines

Well made product, an interesting idea

We had a different type that wouldn't work with iPhones. This bluetooth unit does and it's an all around good plaything for moms. I have no idea the sound quality for baby but everything outside is pretty good. Charges fast, good adhesion, easy to use and fun, just don't turn the volume all the way up, that could cause problems. Works with our Galaxy as well so versatile. I like its low profile, easy to use undetected.

Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China

Bluetooth capable

I LOVE this speaker because it has Bluetooth capabilities unlike the others to choose from here on Amazon. I had to give it a lower review because the audio would start to go in and out because of the way the wire was bending. I ordered a replacement and am trying to be more cautious of how it’s placed but I love to use it whenever my little one moves around. Hopefully this was a fault of mine that it broke and won’t happen again! Also I should mention the sound quality is amazing at full blast I can hear it through the speaker and my clothes lol. And it sticks really well :)

Erkki G.
Philippines Philippines

Easy to use

AnnaFun and easy to use! Nice convenient way to play music for baby.

Philippines Philippines

Worth it!

The adhesive pad loses tack within a week but you can still tuck it in your waistband with no issue, but having it on definitely improves the sound quality. I did not receive the preloaded SD card advertised in the product pack but I wouldn’t have used it anyway, so I chose not to return it.

Philippines Philippines

WombMusic by Wusic®

Please reach out to our customer service via email or phone so we can get you taken care of with the missing SD card. Also, the adhesive pads are actually washable and can be reused many many times. Please look at pages 10 and 11 of the user guide for detailed instructions.


Great buy for some Womb Tunes

I really was pleased with this product. The speaker was easy to adhere to my skin with the sticky pad and the sound quality was always good as long as it was charged! If it’s running out of a charge the sound quality is not the greatest. I was able to use this throughout my entire pregnancy and I only changed the pads once for lack of adhesion. It comes with a cute bag, a USB to charge it and some extra sticky pads. I also loved the ability to use Bluetooth because I wanted to play her my own music. It has the option for an AUX cord and also SD card which plays pre loaded music on it. Definitely would recommend.

Emilee C.
Philippines Philippines